Sell by packs

Sell by packs

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Create a pack as a combination of variants and sell it as one product.

Sell by packs allows to sell your products in preconfigured paks with a combination of variants.

For a dress with 4 sizes, you can prepare a pack with 1 S, 2 M, 2 L, and 1 XL, If a wholesaler buys 1 pack, he’s buying 6 units of the product ( 1S + 2M + 2L + 1XL)If he buys 2 packs, he’s buying 12 products ( 2S + 4M + 4L + 2XL)

  • You keep your unitary stock for each variant
  • You don’t need to create new products as packs
  • You can keep selling individual variants to retail customers